Saturday 4 January 2020

Class 10 science assignment 1 carbon and its compounds

1. The formula of a hydrocarbon is CnH2n. Name the family to which it belongs and also predicts
its nature.
2. What is the valency of carbon in CH3 – CH3, CH2 = CH2 and HC = CH ?
3. Out of butter and ground nut oil , which is unsaturated in Nature?
4. Why is high temperature not favourable for alcoholic fermentation?
5. Name a cyclic unsaturated hydrocarbon, containing three double bonds?
6. What is the difference in the molecular mass of any two adjacent homologues?
7. Which has triple bond, C2H4 ,C3H6 and C3H4 ?
8. Which substance is added to denature ethyl alcohol?
9. Which ions are responsible for making water hard?
10. Name the catalyst commonly used in hydrogenation of oil to form fats?
11. Write the name and molecular formula of alcohol derived from butane ?
12. Which gas is evolved when sodium carbonate or bicarbonate is added to ethanoic acid?
13. What is SCUM ?
14. What are hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts in soaps?
15. How much percentage of earth’s crust constitutes carbon element ?
16. What do you mean by covalency ?
17. What is covalent bond ?
18. What is functional group ?
19. What is organic chemistry ?
20. What name is given to the reaction which take place when Ethanoic acid reacts with ethanol in
the presence of conc. Sulphuric acid ? Name the products obtained in this reaction.
21. What is bromination ? Write the structural formula of product obtained on bromination of
22. Define covalency ?
23. Write the structural formula of the isomers of n – butane?
24. Name the organic acid present in vinegar. Write its Chemical formula also.
25. The structural formula of an ester is HCOOCH2CH2CH3 write the formula of acid and the alcohol
from which it is made ?
26. What happens when ethanol reacts with
(i) sodium
(ii) potassium permanganate solution.
27. Which of the following hydrocarbons undergo addition reactions : C2H6, C3H8, C3H6, C2H2 and
28. What is hydrogenation? Write its industrial application.
29. Give a test that can be used to differentiate between butter and cooking oil ?
30. Give the names of the functional groups
(i) – CHO
(ii) – C = O
(iii) – OH